Providence Family Medicine/Alaska Family Medicine Residency

Paige was born and raised in Colorado on the plains and graduated with a Bachelor in History and Minor in Anthropology.  Paige moved to Alaska in 2016 for the no other reason than, ‘I want to.’ Paige started at AKFMR/PFMC in 2019 as a PSS. She has worked as the Staffing Coordinator and Medical Student Coordinator before settling into the Behavioral Health and Addiction Medicine Coordinator. A goal in her career is to help others which drew her to healthcare.  Even though she is behind the scenes, she continues to help the population who need it most. Outside of work you can find Paige reading, cooking, on the trails skiing, hiking, biking, running, etc., or on the water in some capacity.

Person crouching in front of a boat on a shore and 6 fish lined up in front of them.

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