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Upcoming Dates & Deadlines

Application Deadline:

November 1, 2023

Interview Notification Deadline:

December 8, 2023

Virtual Interview Dates:

January 16, 17, & 18, 2024

Program Start:

July 2024

Internship Slots Open Across Sites for 2024-2025:

Alaska Psychiatric Institute – 2

Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association – 1

Norton Sound Health Corporation – INACTIVE 2024-2025

Providence Family Medicine Center/Alaska Family Medicine Residency – 2


"AK-PIC’s aim is to prepare and retain psychologists to provide culturally competent collaborative health care for Alaska’s unique and diverse people."

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General Information

The Alaska Psychology Internship Consortium (AK-PIC) represents the collaborative effort of four Alaska agencies, of which three are active sites and one is pending for the 2023-2024 internship year, to share resources and faculty for the purpose of providing a diversified educational program for doctoral psychology interns. The consortium was designed to prepare interns to meet the unique challenges of practicing psychology in rural and remote settings and to ensure clinical competency in working with Alaska’s various cultural groups.


AK-PIC is accredited by the APA. Accreditation was initially awarded in June, 2012 and was effective for a period of 7 years. AK-PIC’s accreditation was reaffirmed in 2019 for 10 years, with its next site visit scheduled to occur in 2029. AK-PIC is a member of APPIC and participates in the National Internship Match.

Questions specifically related to the program’s accreditation status should be directed to the Commission on Accreditation:

Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 1st Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 336-5979


Elective Experiences

All sites offer elective opportunities, which differ across sites. Please refer to the individual site descriptions for more information. Elective opportunities will be determined based upon supervisor approval, the resources available within each training site, and the specific interests and experience of the intern.

Required Intern Travel

All interns will be required to travel in order to complete the training requirements of the internship. In addition to travel for the required minor rotations listed above, interns will complete a group orientation together at the start of the internship and a Commencement Ceremony in Anchorage at the end of the training year. All expenses for required internship travel are covered by AK-PIC.

Life in Alaska

Alaska is a geographically beautiful and culturally-rich state. It is the largest state in the U.S and has more coastline than all of the other states combined.


The climate in Alaska varies greatly by region. The southeast panhandle is both the wettest and warmest part of Alaska with milder temperatures in the winter and high precipitation throughout the year. This is also the only region in Alaska in which the average daytime high temperature is above freezing during the winter months. The climate of Anchorage and south central Alaska is mild by Alaskan standards due to the region’s proximity to the seacoast. While the area gets less rain than southeast Alaska, it gets more snow, and days tend to be clearer. Summers in this area tend to be brief and cool. The climate of Western Alaska is determined in large part by the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. The temperature is somewhat moderate considering how far north the area is. The climate of the interior of Alaska is subarctic. Some of the highest and lowest temperatures in Alaska occur around the area near Fairbanks. The summers may have temperatures reaching into the 90s°F, while in the winter, the temperature can fall below −60 °F. The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in Alaska are both in the Interior.

Things to Do

The geography and culture of Alaska offers something for everyone. Amazing wildlife viewing and sightseeing opportunities are available year-round. The mountains, lakes, and coast offer hiking, kayaking, fishing, skiing, and more. Alaska’s unique Native culture can be experienced through many activities including totem carving, Native dancing, traditional music, crafts and festivals as well as cultural and historical museums, heritage centers and academics.



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