Providence Family Medicine Center / Alaska Family Medicine Center

Erin Iwamoto is a behavioral scientist and pain psychologist with the Alaska Family Medicine Residency/Providence Family Medicine Center. She graduated with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacific University’s School of Graduate Psychology. During her graduate career, she completed Pacific University’s Health Psychology emphasis and her training was based in both pain and internal medicine clinics. Erin completed her doctoral internship with the Alaska Psychology Internship Consortium at AKFMR/PFMC, where she also completed her post-doctoral work. She has over a decade of experience in behavioral health and has worked with individuals with complex medical conditions, severe and persistent mental illnesses, and the forensics population. Erin has a special interest in chronic pain psychology and improving access to comprehensive chronic pain management for patients. She specializes in working with patients to improve health behavior change through motivational interviewing and solution-focused therapy and provides Prolonged Exposure for PTSD, and CBT for Insomnia. Erin has a passion for providing trainings for healthcare providers in topics such as chronic pain, motivational interviewing, and de-escalation techniques. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Pain and the American Psychological Association. Erin was raised in Alaska and returned to her home state to continue her career after completing her graduate program. She enjoys landscape and wildlife photography, hiking, and reading.

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