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General Information

Providence Family Medicine Center (PFMC) is a primary care clinic providing complete medical treatment with open access for every member of our community. Our clinic offers the full range of primary care services including: preventive care; acute and chronic disease treatment; same day “urgent” appointments; procedures and minor surgery; psychological, behavioral health, and social services; prenatal, pediatric, and geriatric care; and medical intensive case management. PFMC has been awarded recognition as a Level 3 Physician Practice Connections® Patient-Centered Medical Home™ by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The Patient-Centered Medical Home is a model of health care delivery that aims to improve the quality and efficiency of care. The standards emphasize the use of systematic, patient-centered, coordinated care that supports access, communication, and patient involvement.

PFMC functions as a “safety net” clinic for underserved individuals in Anchorage. The primary care clinic utilizes an integrated health psychology focus in its treatment of individuals of all ages from newborn to geriatric. The medical clinic completes over 35,000 visits per year, and psychology trainees including practicum students and doctoral interns complete approximately 3,500 visits per year. The population served by PFMC is multicultural and reflective of the population of Anchorage, which is the second most diverse city in the nation. Services such as psychological consultation, as well as individual, couples, and group therapy, are provided to those served in the primary care clinic by the behavioral health staff. PFMC is the continuity care clinic for the Alaska Family Medicine Residency (AKFMR).

Alaska Family Medicine ResidencyAKFMR is the only family medicine residency in Alaska and maintains partnership with the University of Washington, WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho) Family Medicine Residency Network. AKFMR’s purpose is to deliver comprehensive resident education supporting the development of competent family medicine physicians who provide quality care to diverse populations, including rural, culturally diverse, and underserved communities in Alaska.

Professionals in this program place a major emphasis on cultural diversity and working within an interdisciplinary, patient-centered medical home approach. It is the belief of the residency that preparing professionals across disciplines for this type of practice also prepares them for practice in virtually any other setting, such as urban or suburban outpatient practice, urban underserved practice, or third world/international medicine. Interns are placed in the Behavioral Health Program of the residency continuity care clinic and work hand-in-hand with medical providers across disciplines. This program provides integrated behavioral health and mental health services to primary care patients.

Internship Experience

Behavioral health experiences available to psychology interns at Providence Family Medicine Center are broad, comprehensive, and involve an interdisciplinary approach. Numerous medical staff, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists and social workers, are available to consult with interns as needed. A staff psychiatrist is also available and may provide consultation. The focus of treatment is often chronic disease and psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, and addiction. Interns at AKFMR are provided with training opportunities that become more challenging and with greater expectations for autonomy over the course of the year. Specialty clinic experiences are required for each intern, focusing on refugee mental health, geriatrics, maternal mental health, group medical visits, and intensive interdisciplinary care. The primary age group served by the site is adults; however, interns have the opportunity to serve adolescents and families. Interns provide services, such as individual/family/group outpatient therapy, consultation with medical providers, crisis intervention, substance abuse screening and brief treatment, and psychological assessment.

Interns are full-time employees of the AKFMR and are expected to work minimally 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. During the year, interns will be expected to maintain weekly therapy clinics, weekly behavioral health consultation clinics, co-facilitate groups, provide consultation to interdisciplinary team, and conduct outpatient psychological assessments.

Special Requirements of Applicants

Providence Hospital is a drug- and tobacco-free workplace. Interns who match with this site will be required to present for drug screening and employee health appointment prior to being employed within the Providence Health System. All interns must pass a drug screen which includes screening for nicotine, as Providence does not employ individuals who use tobacco products.

Prior to beginning internship, all AKFMR interns must pass a background check per Alaska Statute 47.05.300-47.05.390. This check is conducted by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Background Check Unit. The history of a felony or misdemeanor may result in a fail in this review process and prevent the intern from working at AKFMR.  See State of Alaska Barrier Crime Matrix for a full listing of barrier crimes Deployment Documents/Background Check Regulations Effective 6.29.2017.pdf). The background check occurs after the Match outcome.


Sarah Dewane, Ph.D., ABPP- Director of Behavioral Health, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, AK-PIC Training Co-Director, Primary Site Supervisor
Virginia Parret, Ph.D. - Behavioral Scientist, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, AK-PIC Faculty, Site Co-Supervisor

Contact Information
Training Co-Director: Sarah Dewane, Ph.D., ABPP--
AK-PIC Faculty: Virginia “Ginny” Parret, Ph.D. --
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Providence Family Medicine Center/Alaska Family Medicine Residency
1201 E. 36th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99508